Aya Jones at Prada S/S 2015

gay guys who constantly hit on straight guys are like “”“”nice guys”“”” who wont leave girls alone


please stop 

no no no no

the soundtrack - hell fucking yes

the cute neon dresses that followed the shitty barcode stuff - yes

julia’s look - yes

anna closing/her look - yes

fuck the rest 


Guys always try and fuck me even when I’m like NO

they’re all like “oh come on baby I’ll go slow, I’ll be gentle” blah blah bullshit

and then when they give up and let me fuck them they’re all like “oh no this hurts I can’t do it”

waiting for this guy to come and give me the d, this is exhausting 

I got caught in the thunderstorm leaving Central Park and realised I looked like a meth addict trying to FaceTime my family
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the last guy I went on a date with (who got drunk and fell asleep on me in his bed and then stopped talking to me) is at the same bar I’m at bc we have mutual friends and I’m fighting back the urge to cuss him out after 4 drinks and 2 lines of coke

maybe he stopped talking to you because you’re a boring piece of shit more concerned with spreading internalised homophobia and violence online than being a good person

omg 2 lines of coke ur sewwwww crazi 

Marie Piovesan photographed by Akinori Ito for Spur September 2014
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